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Holistic Performance, & Leadership Consultant, Writer & Chief Operational Strategist with a unique approach that merges neuroscience, mindfulness, and strategic business practices.

Her mission is to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs, tech founders, and their teams to transcend their current operational models and adopt a holistic framework that amplifies performance and well-being.

By integrating timeless systems, inclusive leadership methodologies, and innovative time management techniques, Monique paves the way for sustainable growth and healthy, resilient team cultures.

To the podcast, she brings 23+ years of work experience, 19 years of solo travel & spiritual exploration, and how to be your true self in a world that loves conformity more than courage. 

a heart & spirit-led marketing coach & AI lover who is on a mission to extinguish the myths about marketing and the pursuit of time and financial freedom.

His mission is further to help as many marketers and mission-driven entrepreneurs turn what they know into successful, significant businesses on their journey of discovery.

To serve inspiring people like you, so, in turn, you can inspire and transform the lives of others.

To the podcast he brings his significant expertise in AI; building online businesses and doing marketing Your way.  

Colin Scotland

Colin Scotland


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Episode #004

What if… what we learned about money is wrong?

#003 | What If… Everything we do is a Distraction?

#003 | What If… Everything we do is a Distraction?

In episode 3 of "The Paradox of Life," "What If... Everything We Do is a Distraction?", Monique Lindner and Colin Scotland explore how our daily activities might be steering us away from our deeper purpose. They discuss the impact of social media, work, and even...

#003 | What If… Everything we do is a Distraction?

#002 | What If… reality isn’t real?

In this episode of the "Paradox of Life" podcast, titled "#002 - What If... Reality Isn't Real?", hosts Monique and Colin delve into the intriguing question of the nature of reality. They explore the idea that our perception of reality might be an illusion, influenced...

#001 | What is true self-expression?

#001 | What is true self-expression?

Join Monique Lindner and Colin Scotland in the first full episode of 'The Paradox of Life' as we explore what it means to be the truest expression of ourselves. This episode takes you on a journey through inner conflicts and external pressures that challenge your...


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