#001 | What is true self-expression?

Join Monique Lindner and Colin Scotland in the first full episode of ‘The Paradox of Life’ as we explore what it means to be the truest expression of ourselves.

This episode takes you on a journey through inner conflicts and external pressures that challenge your quest for authenticity. We engage in a powerful discussion about aligning our actions with our true desires, the societal expectations that shape our lives, and the tension and discomfort that arise from this delicate balance.

Whether you’re on a path to personal growth, seeking self-discovery, or looking to deepen your understanding of the human experience, this episode offers insightful perspectives and meaningful conversations. Tune in for an enriching experience as we navigate the complexities of being true to ourselves.


  1. The struggle between societal expectations and personal desires.
  2. The significance of the Tarot card, Ten of Wands, in relation to personal burdens and self-expression.
  3. The influence of others’ perceptions on our self-identity.
  4. Monique and Colin’s personal journeys toward genuine self-expression, especially in the online world.
  5. The challenges of maintaining one’s unique voice amidst external influences and societal norms.
  6. The importance of curiosity, playfulness, and authentic self-expression in personal growth and fulfillment.


Ten of Wands


  1. The episode underscores the importance of shedding societal burdens to discover and embrace our true selves.
  2. A notable quote referenced is by Charles Cooley: “I am not who you think I am; I am who I think you think I am,” highlighting the complex interplay between self-perception and others’ perceptions.
  3. The hosts share personal anecdotes, emphasizing the value of authenticity over conformity.


This episode serves as a powerful reminder to courageously pursue our authentic selves, amidst the paradoxes of life. Monique and Colin’s honest and heartfelt conversation invites us to reflect on our own paths towards self-discovery and expression.

Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into these thought-provoking themes and join us in embracing the journey towards personal authenticity. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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