#007 | What If… free will isn’t actually “free”?

In episode #007 of “The Paradox of Life,” hosts Monique and Colin dive deep into the philosophical waters to explore the concept of free will. Titled “What If… Free Will Isn’t Actually Free?”, this episode challenges listeners to reconsider the notion of freedom in making choices.

From societal constraints and personal circumstances to the very essence of human consciousness, the hosts navigate through various perspectives and stories, ultimately leaving the audience with more questions than answers about the true nature of free will.


  1. The illusion of free will and the constraints that society, upbringing, and personal circumstances impose on our ability to choose freely.
  2. Examples of how perceived freedom is influenced by financial status, societal position, and geographic location.
  3. The impact of upbringing and societal conditioning on our decisions and thought processes.
  4. The distinction between having choices and the essence of free will.
  5. Philosophical and neuroscientific perspectives on consciousness and how much of our lives are truly lived “freely.”



  1. “Free will to me means the will to freely choose in any given situation. But if my choices are limited, then also my will to choose will be limited based on the choices that I have.” – Monique
  2. “We all have the same level of free will. The difference is how much we build that cage around us and how much we allow that to dictate our actions.” – Colin
  3. “The first choice that we have is to create that moment between what happens and how we want to respond.” – Monique


  • Tarot card deck: ‘The Tarot of Curious Creatures’ (by Chris-Anne)
  • “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, particularly the concept of finding freedom in our ability to choose our response to circumstances.


Episode #007 of “The Paradox of Life” presents a thought-provoking discussion on the concept of free will, pushing listeners to examine the extent to which our choices are truly free. Through the exploration of various scenarios and philosophical insights, Monique and Colin invite us to question the nature of freedom in our decision-making processes.

While the episode doesn’t provide clear answers, it succeeds in encouraging a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding free will, emphasizing the importance of introspection and awareness in navigating the cages, both visible and invisible, that shape our lives.

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